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Enormous. Majestic. An ecological wonderland. The most biodiverse body of water in the world. Rich in animal and vegetative species, the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta is all these things and more, including home to more than 600 species of fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds. With habitats that include huge swaths of swamps, marshes and wetlands, it is a veritable maze of tributary creeks, rivers, streams and bayous. The Delta is home to humans as well, who can access its wonders on foot or by airboats, fishing boats, canoes and kayaks. On this website, we will introduce you to America’s second-largest delta, to the wildlife creatures who inhabit it and to some of the people who live, work and play in it every day. We invite you to join us on a virtual journey through the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta – all 260,000 acres of it – and then to discover it in person. Bon voyage.

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A Way of Life

For generations and well over a century, Alabamians and others have enjoyed the way of life and serenity of the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta. From hunting and fishing camps, to camping on its banks and the many boat launches and other small businesses that exist in the region, many people consider the MTRD an important part of their family’s life. Come find out why.
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Unmatched Ecological Diversity

Known as one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, Alabama Mobile-Tensaw River Delta has wildlife and habitat that spans the spectrum. From its swamps, marshes, rivers, streams, bayous and other wetlands, along with more than 600 species of fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, there’s no place like it in the world.
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Activities for All

No matter your interests, the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta has got you covered. Whether you’re looking to duck hunt, deer hunt, fish for freshwater or saltwater fish, catch crab, bird watch, boat or anything in between, the MTRD has everything you could ever imagine. Click on “Visit the Delta” at the top of the page and start planning your trip to Alabama’s Mobile-Tensaw River Delta.
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It’s important to protect the many natural resources and the vast biodiversity that the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta enjoys. By getting involved in our effort, you’re ensuring that we can continue to protect these important lands all throughout this region. The state of Alabama has done a tremendous job of managing these resources through programs like Forever Wild, Wildlife Management Areas and much more.

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